Sunday, 25 December 2011

Staff Introduction: Aurelia Lionheart

Manager / Madame: Aurelia Lionheart

SL Name: Aurelia Lionheart
Nickname: Auri
RL Country: Holland
Power words (what 3 words describe you best):
1. Sassy
2. Sarcastic
3. Smart

What do you enjoy most about working for the Wiggle Room:
Being surrounded by lovely and sexy people

Write a short introduction about yourself:
I'm the manager / madame. I mostly focus on hiring new staff and making sure everyone is and stays happy.

Working at The Wiggle Room

We currently employ Striptease Dancers, Host & DJ.

►►► Employment Consideration Standards for Hosts & Dancers◄◄◄
1. Your AVI must be at least 1 months old,
2. Seasoned, experienced dancers ONLY.
Must have excellent emoting skills
3. Avi requirements:
    → prim hair
    → attractive body shape
    → upgraded, attractive skin
    → several sexy outfits & shoes (no freebie stuff)
    → sexy AO
4. You must be able to read and type fluently in english.
5. You must be able to work at least 5 hours a week
6. You must be AGE VERIFIED.

You can contact Aurelia Lionheart or Teri Tatham for an application form or pick one up at the club

DJ's can send a notecard with their experience, music preference and general info also to Aurelia or Teri