Friday, 20 January 2012

Staff Introduction: Teri Tatham

Owner: Teri Tatham

SL Name:    Teri Tatham
Nickname:   Trouble?
RL Country:  UK
Power words (what 3 words describe you best):
1. Playful
2. Spontaneous
3. Loyal

What do you enjoy most about working for the Wiggle Room:
I'm loving the challenge of starting, running and promoting a club from the ground up. I love all my gorgeous staff and i hope we go from strength to strength, satisfying everyones dreams and ambitions along the way!

I've been in SL a long time.. 2006 (ish).  With my experience and personality i'd like to say i'm well qualified for my position as owner / manager of the Wiggle Room.  I'm cheeky, flirty, frisky and a huge softy at heart, but i don't play nicely with people who don't play nice!

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